Bishop Lynch engages their community in new and creative ways, including their “This is the Way” podcast, which gives an inside look into their student-athletes’ lives! This holistic approach, coupled with a consistent stream of game info on Twitter and Instagram, effectively engages current students, parents, and even young alums.

The Goals

Ryan Plugge

Sports Information Director

Bishop Lynch High School (TX)

“The goals for Bishop Lynch Athletic Department’s social media are highlighting the student-athletes and engaging with the community. In terms of a strategic plan, the main focus has been growth.” Bishop Lynch looks to build a digital base through student-athlete and competition promotion. Their social media plans focus on the school community, showcasing their rich tradition of excellence.


Cutting Edge Content & Creative Engagement


Highlight Excellence and Cultivate a Following to Connect with the Community


The Challenges

Struggling to Create Relevant and Effective Visual Content

A year ago, Bishop Lynch struggled to create an identity on social media that reflected its mission and was relevant to current trends. “Before signing on with Gipper, it was hard to create content. A lot of what we were doing was picture or text-based and very caption heavy.” Ryan felt that their current social media model was ineffective and unworkable.

The Solution

When we partnered with Gipper, the objective was to expand our presence to grow our base and have more significant engagement, and we have been successful in doing that. Our next goal is to foster organic engagement within our digital community and allow the student-athletes to be highlighted in a way that showcases their personalities and endeavors in all aspects of their life at Bishop Lynch.” Ryan has used Gipper to continue to innovate. He has done an incredible job setting up media days to get roster photos of all the student-athletes. With those posed photos, he uses Gipper’s motion templates to publish exciting in-game updates.

The Result

Consistent Branding and Expanded Presence Excite Students, Parents, and Alumni

Bishop Lynch has been able to achieve its goals of growth and engagement. The results have been both tangible and intangible. “The expansion of our social media plan and presence has made a tremendous impact on the Friar athletics community. We have a more professional look with more consistent branding. We have seen an increase in likes and retweets, and overall engagement. The students love to see themselves and are excited to be fans and spectators at their friends’ competitions. Parents and families love it because it allows them to be part of the season and stay informed. Bishop Lynch alumni have also been able to stay connected to the school and the athletic program through social media. There has been a renewed interest and excitement from the alumni network.”

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