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Stay Consistent

help your program develop a brand that is recognizable and reliable

Increase Recognition

a consistent brand for your program will help you increase recognition and foster a loyal audience

Set Standards

being clear about how to represent your brand means that anyone (even new hires) can showcase your program in a cohesive manner

Institute Culture

create a culture in your athletic program that your student-athletes and ommunity members can be proud of

Easily Share

export a PDF that you can easily share within your department

More Information

Whether you like it or not, your athletic department has a "Brand" and that brand is synonymous with the way your program is perceived by your students, parents, families, and community members at large. One great way to take control of that perception is by creating a "Brand Book." When created and followed correctly, a brand book will help you communicate a consistent message to your audience. Without this, your communication will likely be all over the place, making your program's brand hard to recognize.

Introducing Gipper’s newest resource for high school athletic administrators! Our "Customizable Brand Book" can help any high school athletic department create a professional brand book that details their program’s official guidelines. This will help any athletic department stay consistent, set standards, institute culture, and easily showcase their program’s brand within their community.


To get started, all you’ll need to do is click the "Free Download" button above, enter in some basic info, and you'll get access to your customizable brand book. Detailed instructions are included and it’s 100 percent free! 

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